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Altitude: 3176 pi / 968 m

Distance: 6,9 km

Duration: 4h30

Level: Intermediate


Hikers looking for a change of scenery and some peace of mind often find the trails of a ski resort not to be their best option. However, a few mountains popular with skiers still offer satisfying hiking experiences in nature. This is the fortunate case with Mont Tremblant (3,176 ft), a popular summit in the Laurentians range (Québec, Canada). Even though you should weight your desires for wild exploration, I still suggest that you consider this hike for its interesting aspects: a good physical challenge near recreational facilities and other outdoor activities, allowing for a fun weekend with friends, family… or your significant other. In fact, your biggest obstacle will be to face the traffic of Highway 15 on your way to – or from – Tremblant.


As is customary at eXtrateia, I will suggest you the trail options offering a motivating physical challenge, while still enjoying beautiful scenery.

After passing through the pedestrian village of Tremblant, you will find the access to the trails at the base of the mountain (on the right). Our trail route will be as follows: Ruisseaux, Caps, Vertigo and 360.

One of the elements I appreciate about Mont Tremblant is the presence of creeks and waterfalls at the start of the hike (Ruisseaux trail), paying tribute to the beautiful nature of the Laurentians: take advantage of these rejuvenating moments! After conquering the stairs (and taken 2-3 photos), you will cross a ski slope and continue on your way: spot the signed posts guiding you towards the right path. Further on, you will come across the Caps trail: take it and savour its proximity to the creeks the route will offer you. Note that the trail will cross slopes at different occasions: you will need a keen sense of observation to orient yourself, as directions to resume your hike are not that easy to spot.

A few hundred meters further, the Vertigo trail awaits you and its name was chosen appropriately: your physical challenge will increase by a notch… or two. Your hike follows this trail untill the summit where an observation tower lookout awaits you, reachable by trail 360. What a great way to celebrate your conquest of Tremblant: steps to climb … followed – of course – by 10 Summit Burpees!

After refueling with a FitAid recovery drink and an RxBar, the return – faster – can be done via the Grand Prix des Couleurs trail where you’ll enjoy a great panorama throughout your descent, especially in autumn.

Done the hike ? Leave us your comments below: we’d love to read your experience !

Access Fees: No

Family: Yes

Animals: Yes


© Extrateia par SpartanFit | Guide de randonnée | Mont Tremblant

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