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Altitude: 1165 pi / 355 m

Distance: 7,6 km

Duration: 2h30

Level: Intermediate


Reminiscent of the geology at Yosemite National Park in California (USA), The Crack (1165 ft) is one of the most beautiful hikes I have done in recent years: at its summit, the panorama offering the La Cloche mountains and Lake Huron is breathtaking! What about the rocky passage between the steep quartzite walls forming this famous “Crack”? Wow! An experience worth the road.


From the parking lot near Highway 637 in Killarney Provincial Park (south of Sudbury), take The Crack Shortcut Trail: this easy, straight and wide path is very good for jogging. After 1.5 km, you will meet the La Cloche Silhouette Trail which you will take on the right (north).

Nearly 2kms further, you will follow Lake Kakakise. It is past this body of water that the trail becomes steeper and uneven. Gradually, the vegetation gives way to bare quartzite and the walk transforms into a series of jumps, from rock to rock.

As your approach the famous “Crack” – which lets itself be discovered one peek at a time (like my ex, oddly enough) – the rock formations pile up and some fun scrambling begins (which I love). At the canyon, the unveiling of the Crack simply amazed me (getting a lot of double-entendre jokes right now).

In all seriousness, this surprise for the eyes is what made me fall in love with this hike: a unique rocky passage reminiscent of my hike at Half Dome (Yosemite Park, California).

Following this beautiful experience, which I suggest you enjoy through every step, you reach the top of the rock formation from where you may behold the La Cloche mountains, Lake Killarney and Lake Superior. Simply wonderful.

Your 10 Summit Burpees done, you backtrack towards the parking lot. Note: if you continue the trail to the top of The Crack, you’ll embark on the 80-km hike of the La Cloche Silhouette loop trail, taking between 7 and 10 days to complete. Just saying…

Done the hike ? Leave us your comments below: I’d love to read your experience !

Access Fees: No

Family: No

Animals: Yes


© Extrateia par SpartanFit | Guide de randonnée | The Crack

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